I believe in: raising the voices of neighbors on the issues you care about; ensuring that the ANC is accessible, responsive, and accountable to neighbors; and building community by supporting family-friendly service and social events.


Because education and collective advocacy are such powerful tools for change, I have worked hard to share information with neighbors, learn about issues affecting our community, and gather neighbors together to seek change.

I have hosted family-friendly meet ups and book discussions on important issues like housing and homelessness in DC (including discussions on How to Kill a City, Evicted, and Color of Law and a visit to the Evicted exhibit); gathered community leaders, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and advocates to share information about local initiatives affecting the neighborhood (including environmental initiatives for the Manor Park Citizens Association's Inaugural Earth Day Fair); and organized neighbors to advocate for their interests (including a kids' lobby day at the DC Council where over 50 kids from all parts of the city shared their interests with our Councilmembers).

It has been amazing to see how sharing information and ideas leads to strong collective advocacy, and I will work hard to continue these efforts, including by knocking on neighbors' doors to learn more about the issues you care about. Issues I would like to hear from neighbors about and advocate for include:

*affordable housing (including for families & seniors)

*services for people facing homelessness

*accessible, affordable, & high-quality early childhood education

*healthy school food & development of a central kitchen

*traffic & pedestrian safety, including safe passage for those who walk & bike to schools & recreation centers

*accessible, affordable, & well functioning public transit

*activities & employment / volunteer opportunities for youth

*effective & efficient waste, recycling, & composting initiatives

*inclusive neighborhood beautification, including litter removal, public art, & placemaking

*programs supporting seniors who want to age in place

I am always available to talk about the issues important to neighbors. Please contact me any time with your thoughts and ideas.

*Pictured above: Erin leads a discussion with Councilmember Elissa Silverman at Lobby Day for Kids at the DC Council.*


As your ANC 4B02 Commissioner, I will be accessible to all neighbors regardless of race, age, gender, religion, ability, or other factor. To support this goal, I plan to communicate through social media, listservs, email, flyers, telephone and text, and face-to-face conversations. I will be glad to make any accommodations necessary so that everyone's voice will be heard. ¡Hablo español!

To ensure more neighbors' voices are heard, I will hold regular Single Member District meetings and office hours, where neighbors can express their interests and concerns in a more intimate setting. I understand that not everyone can attend ANC meetings, and am happy to bring interests and concerns back to the Commission.

I will work collaboratively for transparent operations within the ANC, striving to make ANC meetings more accessible, sharing information before meetings about what will be discussed and seeking feedback on specific concerns, and reporting information conveyed during meetings back to neighbors via a newsletter or regular email communication.

*Pictured above: Erin takes minutes at a monthly Manor Park Citizens Association meeting.*


Eric and I spent a long time looking for service activities to do with our kids. Since they are young, we've had limited options, so we decided to host our own events. We make sandwiches or trail mix for Martha's Table and collect donations for various causes. Dozens of neighbors have joined us for these fun, fulfilling, and community-building gatherings. Our family also loves participating in the monthly community cleanups hosted by the Manor Park Citizens Association and community cleanups hosted by other organizations and individuals.

We regularly hold family-friendly social events and invite the whole neighborhood. From holiday parties to dance parties to cookouts to clothing swaps, the joy of seeing our neighbors laugh and play together is inspiring.

I can't wait to bring more of you together.

*Pictured above: Participants make sandwiches for Martha's Table at a family-friendly service activity hosted by Erin.*